TACT2 and TBM are trauma-informed, competency-based training programs for adults working with challenging children and youth. Whether you are a foster parent, residential worker, educator, social worker, or staff member at an alternative program or public school, here you'll find a dynamic, user-friendly online course to help you become more effective in managing behavior and calming crisis.

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I’m Dr. Steve Parese, author of the TACT2 and TBM programs.

I am a specialist in crisis interventions for challenging populations, including at-risk youth, former offenders, and welfare to work individuals. Currently an author, teacher, and international speaker, I have worked as a wilderness counselor in the mountains of North Carolina, special education teacher in Maryland’s suburbs, and university professor in Washington, DC.

For the past 25 years, my wife Carolyn and I have lived in the small mountain town of Danbury, NC.

"This instruction was valuable, knowledgeable and helpful in terms of building relationships with students and keeping school environments safe. All sessions were engaging, fun and enlightening. Thank you so much!”

Reuben Jackson, Foundation Schools, MD